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One-day visit and verbal recommendations

Depending upon the needs and desires of the client, we can conduct a one-day initial on-farm visit, tour the site(s) with the land owner or manager, make observations of the wildlife habitats available and identify any potential factors that may be limiting wildlife populations. We will provide verbal recommendations during this visit and discuss with client their wildlife goals. We will then provide a follow-up letter containing highlights of the major items discussed and applicable printed information.

Complete farm/ranch plan

If desired by the client, we can prepare a detailed land management plan. Normally this requires WWC to conduct a complete wildlife habitat evaluation using habitat appraisal techniques applicable to that tract of land. The detailed habitat evaluation may include any or all of the following:
  • Individual detailed tract recommendations
  • Habitat maps with significant items shown on aerial photos
  • Management practices calendar
  • Applicable habitat and wildlife management literature
  • Sources of planting materials
  • Sources of possible financial assistance

Follow-up consulting visits

At WWC we are available to offer the client continued support and recommendations for as long as desired, whether that is for only a short period or for many years. Working closely with the client, we will schedule additional visits to evaluate the progress and success of wildlife habitat improvements and provide guidance for future work. If the manager's goals change we can help them change course in the most effective way possible.

On-farm or ranch direct assistance

Occasionally, there are wildlife management practices recommended to the manager for which they are unfamiliar and/or unsure how to implement. In these situations, WWC is prepared to provide hands-on direct assistance. We can be on site to offer direction on activities such as prescribed burning, wildlife plantings, woody cover management, land tillage, managed grazing, etc. We will work closely with the client's employees and/or hired labor to see that the work is performed for the best interests of the client and their wildlife goals.

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